Collection and Resources

Collection Strength: -

Total Books Collection : 40,000+

CD’s and DVD’s total no. of CDs and DVDs : 2700+

Newspaper, Magazines and Journals Collection in the Central Library: -

The SMVDU Central Library provides access to more than 5000 online journals and eResources of international publishers through UGC-INFONET Consortium/INFLIBNET and also to subscription based INDEST-AICTE e-Resources. Apart from these the library also subscribes to more than 100 print national and international journals

Growth of Collection:

At present there are more than 40, 000 books in the Library. Growth in the number of students, disciplines (Masters Degree): A. Sciences: (Biotechnology, Mathematics, Physics & Economics); and B. Humanities [Masters Degrees: English Language & Literature and Philosophy]. Expansion of Central Library now onward is very much on priority in order to enrich the knowledge resource of the students and also keeping the faculty members abreast of latest developments in their field of specializations. Providing support and strengthening College Libraries, and opening of School Libraries is very much on the agenda.

Collection and Resources

Library is rich in following types of print and electronic collection/ information resources for meeting user's information needs-

Online e-Journals Online e-Books Theses Dissertation e-Theses Dissertation
Reference Books Archival Collection e-Resources Printed Books